Liquid Eyeliner

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Welcome to the Makeup Is Art blog post! Here you will find makeup reviews, tips and recommendations.

Liquid Eyeliner

It can complete a look if the correct products are used and technique of course!

Firstly I would like to list my top eye liners in a gel form. Inglot by far is the richest black I have come across with strong staying power. It does not budge and is waterproof! Although, like all gel eyeliners if you leave this open (especially if it is continuously left open on several occasions) it will dry up! If you need to double dip turn the pot upside down in the meantime so no air gets through! It will not spill :)

Mac has a great gel as well but I prefer this gel for under eye use. Bobbi brown also has a great gel which is probably the most blend-able gel I have come across for the smudge effect and once it is dry and set on the eye it will stay and won’t budge.

I prefer a synthetic angled eye liner brush for the application of gel eye liners as this won’t absorb the gel… but be quick to apply as the gel may dry up on your brush! start from the end of your eye and work inwards towards your tear duct in light strokes.

Eyeliner pens

I have come across many eye liner pens and I have clients asking me all the time which eye liner pen is the way to go!

If you are beginning to learn how to use the liquid eye liner pen try out the Too Face 3 way lash lining pen. This is a great way to get started, if you prefer the single tip on the end there are many out there.
It all depends on how thick you wear your eyeliner but Motives Cosmetics has a great liquid eyeliner pen. This lasted me for ages without drying up! It allows you to create a thick or thin liner and does not smudge! I also love the MAC eyeliner pen but again with liquid liners they may dry up so please make sure you pop the lid on straight after use!

Once you get use to using a brush and a gel you won’t go back to an eyeliner pen! So keep persisting and in no time you will get the hang of the brush and will love using the gel eyeliners.